Aug 02, 2022 · "It's Annabeth." "Annie," he panted. "It's shorter." "Are you to busy for one syllable? I might believe you were if you weren't thirty minutes late." Percy rolled his eyes. Thalia sighed heavily. "Take five everyone. Great work. Percy you have a nosebleed, Annabeth can you go help him, I have to get Piper to calm down. Thanks." "Kitchen is this .... "/>
Dec 08, 2020 · Prologue. With Annabeth tied to the mast and wax in my ears, I steered the ship through the siren's den. The fog had accumulated and the wrecked ships in sharp rocks made it hard to stay afloat, but I managed. That was until I heard the beautiful singing voice of the sirens. I immediately thought I was screwed, but when I just stayed on the .... bronx zoo internships
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